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Bringing Resolution to Conflict

Bringing Resolution to Conflict

Bringing Resolution to Conflict

As much as we’d like to wish it would go away, conflict is unavoidable. Learning how to deal with people problems in the workplace is key to successful relationships and systems within all organizations. Last month’s First Wednesday Connections group tackled this business challenge as they were presented with a variety of work and/or employee-related ‘conflict situations’. Small groups were tasked with working together to come to compromised resolutions on issues such as: Employee Tardiness, Procrastination, Customer Complaint, Bad Internet Review, etc. Some clear patterns and productive solutions emerged from the group.

The success of any business depends on good employees. Cultivating the type of work culture and environment you want to have in your business will help you retain those valued employees that interact with your customers every day. The group agreed upon some key behaviors to follow to resolve employee-related conflicts:

  • Communicate! Communicate!
  • Listen empathetically
  • Acknowledge
  • Be respectful
  • Understand cause
  • Set expectations
  • Identify the desired objective
  • Set guidelines and clear goals
  • Document
  • Encourage time management
  • Work together to find a solution
Building strong customer relationships is also critical to business success. No business wants to have an unhappy customer and risk having that unhappiness spread to others. In cases of resolving customer complaints, following the L.E.A.R.N. Principle by Andrew Richardson, is an effective method:
L = Listen
E = Empathize
A = Apologize
R = React
N = Notify

And, what if you just simply disagree? Here’s another resource on how to do it gracefully:

Productive conversations about challenges and solutions are regularly experienced at First Wednesday Connections. Join us, and leverage the power of your fellow Chamber members – business owners and managers like you – to be more successful in your business.

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