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HP Chamber Blog

The chamber of commerce is often seen as a Better Business Bureau of sorts. People have confidence in using businesses that are members of the chamber. Chamber membership equates to business respectability in many customers’ minds, which often means greater sales for business members. Many people see chamber membership as a ringing endorsement of good business. While we don’t advertise that chamber members have better business practices than non-members businesses, a chamber membership does show interest in

Networking opportunities are everywhere. You no longer must leave your house to be able to network, but studies now show that online networking doesn’t hold the same power as in-person networking. One of the easiest most effective networking groups is the Chamber, offering very strong networking tools and opportunities. Here are several things you probably didn’t know about how you can improve your business networking with Chamber membership.

As much as we’d like to wish it would go away, conflict is unavoidable. Learning how to deal with people problems in the workplace is key to successful relationships and systems within all organizations. Last month’s First Wednesday Connections group tackled this business challenge as they were presented with a variety of work and/or employee-related ‘conflict situations’. Small groups were tasked with working together to come to compromised resolutions on issues such as: Employee Tardiness,

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