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Close to Perfect

Close to Perfect

Close to Perfect

This week I shared this image on Facebook. The comments it received showed that it really resonated with people.  So, I have to ask, what is ‘perfect’ anyway? How does your definition of ‘perfect’ drive your vision for your business, your daily tasks, and your ultimate accomplishments by trying to live up to that definition?

All too often in business (and in life?) we wait to send out our new product, deliver that new service, try something new, because we tell ourselves:
a) the time may not be right
b) it isn’t flawless
c) it needs a better title/image/package
d) what if people don’t like it
e) what if it fails

Basically, on some level, we rationalize our fears into ‘it just isn’t perfect yet’. This is not to imply that we should throw caution to the wind, or ignore factors that could improve that product, etc. We all have to give it our best. What we may not realize, though, is that there never really is Perfect.  There is a time when your best effort is really, really good – good enough that you can let go and deliver that newness into the world.
What are you holding back that would make a difference in your business or your life?

Marketing guru, Seth Godin, sums it up nicely in his blog post of March 14, 2016, While waiting for perfect:
“You've permitted magical to walk on by. Not to mention good enough, amazing and wonderful.
Waiting for the thing that cannot be improved (and cannot be criticized) keeps us from beginning.
Merely begin.”

We couldn’t agree more. Do it, and enjoy a perfect moment.

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