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The Impact of Supporting Local

The Impact of Supporting Local

The Impact of Supporting Local

With the Holidays fast approaching people will be traveling more, throwing parties with friends and family, purchasing and giving gifts, and decorating for the season with festive garlands, wreaths, lights, and tinsel. In a nutshell? They’ll be spending money! It is always important to support the community you live, work, and play in, but it’s apparent to all of us that now, more than ever, it is so vital to support our local businesses and do all we can to keep the cheer here.

The Rewards of Supporting Local
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the life of our community. They provide jobs, support our local organizations and schools, and contribute to the economic growth of this region.

When you shop and support local businesses you are making a personal investment in your neighborhood. In fact, for every $100 spent, roughly $65 to $75 of it returns to local activity. You are helping to shape your community's character and personality while adding to its prosperity.

Need more reasons to stay off Amazon?

When you support local, non-profits receive more support. Non-profits receive a large amount of support from local business owners. In fact, they often receive up to 300% more money from local shops than non-locally owned businesses.

Shopping local also puts taxes to good use! In addition to generating more tax revenue per sales dollar, the taxes paid by locally-owned businesses are widely used to support schools, parks, roads, and other local programs that benefit your friends, family, and community.

10 ways to support local
So practically speaking, what can you do? We’ve made it easy for you… Here are 10 ways you can support local this holiday season, and all year!

  • Order Takeout from a local restaurant
  • Write 3 positive Google reviews for local businesses
  • Attend and purchase tickets to local events and shows
  • Hire local photographers and print locally
  • Cater your holiday parties with local bakeries and delicatessens
  • Shop over the phone or online with a local retailer
  • Buy gift cards from local fitness & health studios
  • Send someone flowers from a local florist
  • Comment on local businesses’ social media posts
  • Share your favorite meal from a local restaurant on social media
Thank you Small Business Owners
Small business owners, know that your efforts do not go unnoticed. We support you because we value and appreciate what you do and offer us.  We realize you work hard so you, your family, and your employees can have better lives. You also keep the dreams of future business owners burning bright, you maintain a quality of life for our communities just by your presence, and you set an example for future generations to live by. We Support you!


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